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The Model GI-100/1000 is a professional quality, low distortion AM transmitter unit that is designed for continuous outdoor use. It operates in the standard AM broadcast band and can be operated unlicensed in accordance with Part 15 of the FCC code.

--Supported by an Operator's Manual, with full safety, installation, operation, and troubleshooting information.

--Wide power supply range permits it to be used from a variety of low voltage DC sources.

--Small size and rugged package insure ease of installation and long operational life.

--Feedback gain control insures full modulation and low distortion operation over an extremely wide range of audio input levels, and over years of operation with no adjustments.

--Fully synthesized, crystal-controlled circuitry insures years of precise frequency control with no adjustments.

--Supplied as self contained unit for custom installations, as well as with fully compatible accessories to insure optimal operation by individuals not technically trained.

--Technical support through SUPPORT link.

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