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Bushel 0' Brass (Bo'B) Quartet of Eb alto horns (AKA peckhorns*) located in Northern New Jersey. Note: Although the music is usually scored for four parts, the number of players ranges from 3 to 8 (A peck-shy-of-a-bushel up to two full bushels.)      The sound of the group is suited for any  not-too-formal gathering.  Much of the music is done in the barbershop style and includes tunes from the era associated with the origins of barbershop, however the ever-growing repertoire includes a wide range of styles and tunes.  Requests for specific tunes can be honored if sufficient advance notice is given.   We've performed at private dinner parties, town parks, craft markets, nursing homes, Christmas carolling with the Salvation Army and in  various communities.  Membership is by invitation.  Ages of group now range from 45 to 73, and include a wide range of career and musical backgrounds.   Originally founded in 1996 with 3 peck horns and one baritone, it evolved into an all-peckhorn group, then picked up an Eb tuba.  The group practices and performs regularly.   For more information and bookings, contact   info@bushelobrass.com

 *(four pecks = one bushel, hence: Bushel o' Brass))

We are constantly adding to our repertoire of music with arrangement done specifically for the group.  Most of the music is taken from old American favorites and timeless classics of popular (or once popular) tunes.


Occasionally, we set up a recorder at rehearsals and record a few numbers at random. The sound quality is what we get in our den, but if you've never heard a peck horn, give a listen to one of these: 

Two Silhouettes on the Shade

Someone to Watch Over Me

In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree

Little Darlin

As Time Goes By

Yellow Bird

Goody Goody

Embracable You

by Mr. Hooey, grateful (??) audience,
(Shown at right, holding Wand of Welcome)
A week before Christmas I was watching the telly,
While munching on pretzels to fill up my belly;
The fire in the hearth sent out a warm glow
As joys of the season abundantly flow.
The dogs lay asleep in front of the fire,
While carols on the TV from famed Mormon Choir,
I closed weary eyes and curled up in my chair,
A noise permeated the chill winter air!  
I mumbled an oath and cursed at my wife:
"Did you ever hear a noise like that in your life?"
A din from outdoors, a plethora of song,
A mighty crescendo of notes right and wrong!
We opened the portal and there on the stoop
In full Christmas dress stood a small peck-horn group
A-blowing away a melodious tune,
A carol of the season under bright winter moon.
The blend of the tones, delightful to hear
Did waft through the air to fall on each ear.
A smile crossed my face, a thought did inspire:
"How nice of these people, this lovely brass choir
to grace our abode on this cold winter night
with songs of the season, a true holiday sight."
We thank you so much for the concert that night
And hope tht ol' Santa will treat you just right.
And so we'll look forward and hope that you might
Come by and play carols on a cold winter's night!  

Artistic Offering by an ananomous recipient of Bo'B caroling:

He squealed with delight at the Dickensian sight
Of a peckhorn consort on the stoop
Delight beyond reason
As songs of the season
Did waft from the horns of this group

He rushed to the door as the pure notes did pour
From the bells made of glistening brass
"What the hell are you doin'?
Your rears I'll be chewin'
You guys are a pain in the ass!"

For I sat by the fire as my eyelids did tire
Not a worry or care on my mind
Suddenly awakened
My nerves are a-shakin'
It will take me a month to unwind!

Don't feel obligation to find my location
When next caroling season comes 'round
Unless you appear
With your shiny brass gear
I'll be hiding six feet under ground!!

2002 Edition of the Bushel 0' Brass

2007 Edition of the Bushel o' Brass

2008 Edition of the Bushel o' Brass

2009 Edition of the Bushel o' Brass

2009 Edition of the Bushel o' Brass

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